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- Hope & Henry is certified in both GOTS and OCS -

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

GOTS is recognized as the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. Products that are GOTS certified have been thoroughly tested and found to meet organic standards through all stages of the production process—from farm, to fabric mill, to factory, to warehouse, to retail location. GOTS certified products are manufactured according to stringent environmental and socially conscious criteria, and each player in the process must be certified by an independent third-party certification agency. If even a single step of the process is not certified, then the resulting product cannot be called “GOTS certified.”

OCS (Organic Content Standard)

Products that meet OCS certification guidelines have been tested throughout the entire production process to ensure the fibers used to make the textiles have met stringent organic benchmarks. OCS is often considered a stepping stone for products that don’t yet meet GOTS’ full environmental and social criteria.

Conventional Production

This category describes products that may include one or more steps in the production process that are organic, but have not been certified. For example, some of our products are made using 100 percent organic cotton fibers, but are not manufactured in certified mills and factories.

Hope & Henry is proud to announce that we are a GOTS certified company.

Our certification was issued on April 2, 2019, by OneCert, a globally recognized GOTS certification agency. Specifically, our certification covers product categories related to Womenswear, Menswear, Children’s Wear, Baby Wear, Garments, and Accessories. The scope of our certified activities includes Importing and Trading.

Keep a lookout for the GOTS logo on our products! Our goal is to grow our assortment of GOTS-certified items with each new season.

Our certificate number is ONE-2924

Hope & Henry is proud to announce that we have obtained OCS certification.

Although Hope & Henry as a company is now GOTS and OCS certified, this is one of several steps in getting full GOTS certification for a single garment. Full certification for an individual product requires that every step in the production process be certified—which is why GOTS and OCS are so sought-after.

Currently, we are working with several GOTS certified factories and helping other factories and mills to become certified. At this point the majority of our products contain organic cotton and are made using conventional production methods.

Our goal is to have as many of our products as possible be GOTS or OCS certified. As we work toward this goal, we will have products that are fully GOTS certified, some that are OCS certified, and others made from organic cotton but manufactured using conventional production methods. All items will be identified as such so you know what you are purchasing.